Conference season is upon us

I did the thing I told myself I would never do because it sounds like a really bad idea: I agreed to participate in two conferences that are barely a month apart. On the plus side the first one is at my home university so I don’t need to travel.

So I spent the last week and a half on my presentation for conference #1 and I am stuck. No matter what I do I can’t seem to get the introduction right. Of course, introductions are always the most difficult part but this time it just feels worse than usual. It’s almost as if the closer I am to finishing my dissertation and the more immersed I am in my sources, the harder it gets to dumb it down for people who have never heard of any of it.

My solution was to prioritise (because that has worked wonders in a different context). Rather than write, delete and rewrite said introdution over and over again, I put it away. And I’m not going to look at it until two workdays before the conference. Instead I have returned to my thesis and did some hardcore editing. Ironically, I wrote an amazing introduction to one of my thesis‘ chapters.

I’m not yet sure what I learned from this, though. Don’t force it? Remember what your main goal is (finishing the dissertation)? Perfection does not exist so let go of it? All of the above?

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